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Equine Touch, on the road again...

In addition to my local ET practitioner work and conducting courses at my main location in Bendigo, Victoria, I enjoy taking Equine Touch “on the road.” This makes it more accessible to potential students and clients. These journal entries will keep you up to date with the happenings of an Equine Touch instructor & practitioner.

July 25th, 2013

2nd International Equine Touch Day


Jock Ruddock's birthday and the day selected as International Equine Touch Day to celebrate Jock's life and legacy. Students and practitioners all over the world participate in this. Sometimes students get together in a group to support each other's practice; sometimes quietly at home they spend some special Equine Touch time with their own horse(s). That's what I did, ETing my old girl who had been at a couple of the courses I did with Jock. As I progressed through the ET session I reflected on the changes in my own life due to discovering Equine Touch. I truly appreciate not only being able to offer this gentle bodywork to my own horse but, as an instructor, being able to help other dedicated owners get started on their own Equine Touch journeys. Thank you, Jock. And thank you to Ivana Ruddock too. Ivana has continued on with this work, an inspiration to the rest of us, helping horses by educating humans.

November 6th, 2011

A very sad day for ETers worldwide.


This day marked the passing of Jock Ruddock‚ originator of The Equine Touch. He will be sadly missed. However the wonderful work of Equine Touch and the human version from which ET was developed, VHT (Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique), as well as Ivana Ruddock’s Canine Touch‚ will continue with Ivana Ruddock‚ instructors‚ practitioners and students throughout the world.

October 29 – 31, 2011

Level 1 at Bendigo


Lee and Emily worked together beautifully and elicited some wonderful responses from the horses & ponies at our disposal. Lee has gone on to apply her new ET skills to a special horse at home and Emily is already planning to come back to do her Level 2 in February!

October 2011

Tour in NSW


Caravan in tow again we headed north, spent a few quiet days near the coast north of Sydney. Had a Level 2 scheduled at the Raymond Terrace & Lower Hunter RDA centre, 21-23 October. The RDA ponies & horses were great ET recipients and seemed to enjoy the attention. Had a fun time dancing at the Bushies’ Ball, the RDA centre's main fund raiser for the year. Might have to schedule more courses around that time next year. :) Email me your Expressions of Interest for Level 1 or Level 2 so we can make it happen.

September 27 – October 1, 2011

Tom Quilty Gold Cup Challenge 2011 - Barossa Ranges, South Australia


We joined the pilgrimage to “ride base” and rocked into the Mt Pleasant show grounds early in the week before the big ride with a caravan‚ not a horse float. During the ensuing days‚ in preparation for the midnight start Friday 30th September‚ I VHT'd several riders and ET'd several horses including a couple of Victorian ET students and their horses (Wendy Bootle & Jo Brocke). Excited to report they both completed the 160 km successfully as did an ET practitioner from WA‚ Deb Ryan‚ whom I met for the first time. Deb & her riding partner Verna brought their horses across the Nullarbor. Like many other die-hard endurance riders they travelled a huge distance just to participate in the premier endurance ride event of the annual calendar & earned Quilty buckles for their efforts.

August 26 – 29, 2011

Level 3 at Tooradin with Ivana Ruddock


Had a great time back at Tooradin, Vic when Ivana Ruddock visited from NZ to conduct a Level 3. Every time I see & hear her presentation it seems better! Had a lovely group of students. We will all remember Johnno's delicious scones for morning tea! Looking forward to Ivana's return for the next Level 3 in November. The added bonus is that Ivana has also agreed to run a one day Mobilisation & Stretching clinic, open to non-ET students as well.

June 18, 2011

A First! National Equine Touch Day


Celebrated at Tooradin Well, IETA (International Equine Touch Association) UK & Ireland set out to get the word out about The Equine Touch by holding demonstrations and offering free Equine Touch sessions to as many horses as possible on 18 June, 2011, declared as the inaugural National Equine Touch Day.

We set out to make it INTERNATIONAL Equine Touch Day by doing something similar Down-Under. They did really well in the UK with just under a 1000 horses receiving a free Equine Touch session. Fantastic! Over here results are still filtering in but early indications are that it will be a modest total this year. I am sure each and every horse recipient enjoyed their experience and that we can help many more NEXT year!

A big thank you to all the students & practitioners who participated, some working on their clients' horses for free, others working on their own horses at home to boost the tally.

At Tooradin, Victoria I gave an impromptu demonstration to the Officer RDA group following which seventeen lucky horses received a complimentary Equine Touch session. To achieve this I was joined by three students two of whom (Li & Jade both hailing from Taiwan) had just completed their Level 1 this year, Li in March and Jade the weekend preceding National Equine Touch Day. Together with Jo, a Level 2 student, we ETed some RDA horses as well as some of the resident horses who are horses used in the Equine Touch clinics I conduct at this venue. Well done, Li, Jade & Jo!

The next day I attended a combined rally of Tooradin & Bass Valley Pony Clubs. Despite the windy & cold conditions the club members listened & watched attentively during their lunch break as I gave another demonstration to follow up National Equine Touch Day activities the previous day. Thanks to Kerry for allowing me to work on the delightful "Carter" as a demonstration model. Although a young horse he was very calm under scrutiny of such a big group of (friendly) predators and obligingly showed further signs of relaxation as the Equine Touch bodywork demo progressed. Unfortunately no photos available as my lovely assistants were all busy making sure my "props" were not carried away by the gusty wind! Thanks everyone!

June 11-13, 2011

Level 1 Tooradin report. Return to Tooradin, Vic


What can I say? The venue is beautiful, the horses are great and the students' enthusiasm & dedication inspiring. This time there was quite an international flavour with students, Jade, originally from Taiwan, who flew over from WA to attend, and Anne-Marie, originally from Canada, but long-time "local" resident and keen trail rider. Thanks to Sally (venue owner) & Li (Level 1) for assisting as horse handler.

Who will return for Level 2 at Tooradin at the end of August? The fire in the lounge makes for a very comfortable & cosy setting for the two mornings of theory & practice on humans and, should the need arise, we always have the shed for shelter for the horse practice for the rest ofthe time. See you there!

March 12-14, 2011

Tooradin Level 1 report


Once again, it was a great weekend at the beautiful Tooradin venue, and we only had to retreat from the weather into the shed on the afternoon of the second day. Thanks once again to Sally Francis, venue owner. Thanks also to Denise McMaster, Tasmania, one of the students, for the following course review.

“I arrived at the course, not really sure what I was getting into, not having seen Equine Touch anywhere, or really knowing anyone who had done it (or had it done) on their horse. I have two older horses who have had pretty hard lives physically and I wanted to be able to make them feel good! I was concerned that not having done any bodywork type thing before, I would be a little lost with it all - I shouldn't have worried as it wasn't essential at all to starting the course and didn't hinder my progress.

The whole experience was great ... lots of hands on, Janis was always ready and able to help and answer questions. I couldn't recommend it more highly to anyone that owns a horse. It is a lovely way to say thank you to them. I am still yawning and chewing myself - there was so much to learn ... but well worth it!”

... click to read more.

February, 2011

First level 1 for 2011 – Bendigo, Victoria.


The drought has broken! First Bendigo course in ages! Had a wonderful time with Marg & Kirsten as they were taking on board the new ET knowledge and beautifully putting it into practice. Top score for team work! As diligent students they followed through at Marg's home on the second night helping each other remember the basic body balance WITHOUT the manual, I am told! Really shows the value of cultivating a "study-buddy"! Keep at it!

18-21 November, 2010

ET “globe trotters” meet at Equitana. Where next?


Equitana 2010 – a great opportunity to top up on horse related information from all the demonstrations, lectures & exhibitions/booths. Not to mention indulging in a little shopping! This year I had the pleasure of catching up with Karen Burrows and Janice Clyma, New Zealand Equine Touch Instructors. Karen attended the 2007 Instructor training in Texas, USA with me (& others!). We met again in December 2009 at Ivana Ruddock’s Dissection clinic, co-ordinated by Janice Clyma, near Christchurch, New Zealand. When we spent time at Equitana together Karen posed this fascinating question:- “Having met in a different country each time so far, where in the world shall we meet on the next occasion?” We'll have to work on that one!

A group of enthusiastic ET students answered the call to make contact with the Kiwi contingent of instructors & students and participate in a photo to send to Jock & Ivana Ruddock. Thanks to all of you! See result below.

August 18th – 29th, 2010

Thirtieth year of “The Shazada”, 23-27 August, 2010

Wow! What an experience that was!  On our way to St Albans in the hills north-west of Sydney I travelled from just outside Melbourne, Victoria with endurance rider (and ET student) Wendy Bootle with overnight stays at Tarcutta, NSW, the Horse Hotel and Horsley Park, international equestrian venue - where Sydney Olympics equestrian events were held.

Wendy participated (for the 6th time) in the 400 km Ultimate Endurance Test conducted over five days. The ride course is open from 4.00 am to 5.00 pm daily with two loops totaling about 80 km to be completed each day. With vet checks pre-ride and after every leg the participants’ ability to prepare their horses well and maintain them during the event is tested to the maximum.

It was lovely to catch up with some other true blue endurance riders I had met at the Tom Quilty Gold Cup Challenge (Sept 2009 at Tonimbuk, Victoria – who could forget the mud? – and June 2010 at Manilla, NSW.)  I had the opportunity to work with several horses and humans however my main role was as a rookie strapper, keeping the home fires burning, as it were, preparing horse feeds and buckets of water etc and assisting Wendy with care of her trooper, “Blue Bopp” as well as I could. Equine Touch for Blue, VHT for Wendy – bodywork at the end of the grueling day’s ride was the main offering. My reward? The satisfaction of playing a tiny part in that amazing event and a fantastic souvenir Shazada 2010 vest. Thank you, Wendy & Blue Bopp! On top of that, the yummy food and hospitality at the Fickle Wombat Restaurant every night was a particular delight.

August 13th – 15th, 2010

Level 2 at Bendigo

From South Australia and north of Sydney two dedicated students made the journey to Bendigo, Victoria for the Level 2 course. Thank goodness for access to the shed/stable complex to retreat from the rain & cold. (Toughen up! I hear you scoffing, you northern hemisphere ETers from snow drift countries.) Anyway Bruce & Deborah did a great job and headed home to practise up their L2 skills. I am sure they will continue to do well.

July 16th – 18th, 2010

Level 1 at Bendigo

Ray took his new ET skills to his work as senior groom with the Carlton Draught Clydesdales. The team makes public appearances all over the country from what I hear. Mary Poppins, ClydieX, “claimed” by Mary (student) as “my horse”, was as large a candidate as we have on offer for practice.

July 2nd - 4th, 2010

Level 1 at Gulgong, NSW

Trish Buchan, ET Practitioner &Tutor, a local to the Central West area, (Dubbo) came along to lend a hand. There were 3 students, one who had first learned of ET the week before when I met her at Manilla, NSW after she had vetted out at the end of leg 4 –with only the last leg to go (11 kms), in the 2010 Tom Quilty Gold Cup Challenge – one horse, one rider, one day, 100 miles (160 kilometres). Well done, Gloria, for recognising a good thing and enthusiastically grasping with both hands the opportunity to join the Level 1 Equine Touch course!

June 24th - 27th, 2010

Tom Quilty Gold Cup Challenge hosted by NSW ERA
at Manilla, NSW

An ET student & friend whom we were supposed to be supporting unfortunately had to withdraw a week before due to her horse getting a hoof abscess. We had a great time anyway, catching up with some old friends from the Tonimbuk, Vic 2009 TQ and made some new acquaintances. Three out of three horses worked on before or during the ride completed successfully.

As we were in the area and in between “gigs” we caught up with Ian Wharton, Equine Dentist, at Gunnedah, NSW. Here we had a chance to photograph the spectacle of team roping practice. Later a couple of the horses enjoyed some ET sessions from us. Thanks, Ian & Netta.

June 18th – 21th, 2010

Level 1 at Somersby, NSW

First course on the coast north of Sydney. What sweet little Welsh Mountain ponies we had as our subjects! We finished off with some “normal” sized horses including Deb’s wild caught Waler, “Kylie”.


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