Equine Touch Course Dates for 2016

February 26, 27, 28, 2016 Level 1
(Fri, Sat, Sun) Cluan, TAS (nr Westbury)
February 27, 28, 29, 2016 Level 2
(Sat, Sun, Mon) Cluan, TAS (nr Westbury)
May 6, 7, 8, 2016 Level 1
(Fri, Sat, Sun) Serpentine WA (nr Perth)
May 7, 8, 9, 2016 Level 2
(Sat, Sun, Mon) Serpentine WA (nr Perth)
June 11, 12, 13, 2016 Level 1
(Sat, Sun, Mon - Queen's Bday) Mooralla, VIC
Sept 2016 TBA Level 1
Bendigo, VIC
September 25, 26, 27, 2016 Level 1
(Fri, Sat, Sun) Creswick, VIC (nr Ballarat)
September 26, 27, 28, 2016 Level 2
(Sat, Sun, Mon) Creswick, VIC (nr Ballarat)
EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST sought for Equine Touch courses at Alice Springs, NT and Hunter Valley, NSW.

Contact Janis if you are interested in commencing or continuing your Equine Touch studies in these areas.

Canine Touch

Yes, you can learn how to help your dogs as well!
Telephone or email your expressions of interest for Canine Touch courses in 2015 or 2016.

Happy students at the end of a course

About the Courses

The Horse Lovers Foundation & Intermediate clinics have been "designed with the horse owner in mind". You can begin Level 1 with no prior knowledge required beyond safe horse handling ground skills. 

Course Duration

Three days

Course Content        

Level 1 - At the Horse Lover's Foundation clinic (Level 1) students are introduced to the fundamentals of this gentle yet effective form of soft tissue bodywork. That empowers the horse lover/owner with enough information to work effectively on their own horse and play a greater role in maintaining their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Students are introduced to The Equine Touch™ by practising the basic procedures on their fellow students prior to being instructed to transpose the work onto the horses. 

On the first two mornings of the course students learn the theory of the “ET Move” & practise on each other (through loose, comfortable clothes). 
The first two afternoons and all of the last day are devoted to practical work on the horses with students working in pairs. Students learn the procedures which make up the Basic Body Balance and a handful of Area of Concern procedures to offer the horse if a particular area is observed as a concern for the horse.

Level 2 - Prerequisite is attending Level 1.

Many students are inspired to return to learn MORE! There is a similar format for Level 2—the first two mornings are spent with theory & working on humans. In Level 2 students revise & refine their Level 1 skills and learn more Area of Concern procedures, as well as another complete Body Balance with a different focus, finishing up with time to practise all the new work.

Level 3 - The Practitioner level (4 days)
Prerequisite: Level 2

Level 4 - ET and Beyond (3 days)
Prerequisite: Level 3


Further study is available with Level 3 –the Practitioner level and Level 4—ET and Beyond. In Australia these courses are only instructed by Ivana Ruddock, DVM, Co-Founder of the Equine Touch Foundation (ETF). ETF was established with her late husband, Jock Ruddock, originator of The Equine Touch™. See www.theequinetouch.com

Students can complete all Levels as an interested horse owner who wishes to learn more in order to take better care of their own horse(s). Or, to convert to the “Practitioner Track” complete the assessment requirements. Talk to me or find out more on www.theequinetouch.com

Q & A about the courses

Where are your courses held? Regular courses are held at my “home base” venue at Bendigo, Victoria and also Tooradin, Victoria.

So far I have conducted courses at many other locations throughout Victoria, as well as interstate. The dream of taking Equine Touch on the road continues to expand with Western Australia added to the interstate list of South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales.

Would you come to our venue to run a course? If you can get together enough students to fill a class and have a suitable venue and horses please get in touch with me. Then we can work on conducting a course at a location convenient to you and your contacts. Conditions apply.

Do I need to bring a horse? At Bendigo and Tooradin venues there are suitable horses to work on.  At other venues, unless the host has sufficient numbers of suitable horses, students may need to bring horses. In the learning environment horses need to be of a more tolerant nature, able to be touched all over

What does it cost? As well as some time and dedication $550 is your investment for three days tuition and support materials (student manual and DVD) for courses held at my “home base” in the Bendigo area.  As of 01.01.2010, if the course is located at a distance from my “home base” some contribution to travel costs will be added to the tuition fee.


How do I book a course?

Easy two step process for you.
1.  Contact me by phone
0409 403 144 or email me, equinetouch@hotkey.net.au and leave your full contact details plus the name of the course you wish to attend. You will then receive the application form by email (or post if you prefer). 
2.  Secure your place on a course by sending in your application form and $100 deposit or full fee ($550) one month ahead of the scheduled course date.

Please note: if the course is located at a distance from the Bendigo venue, some contribution to travel costs will be added to the tuition fee.

Your place on the course is confirmed when your $100 deposit and application form is processed. Allow a few days.
Student Feedback

"I did a BBB on my 29 year old gelding Sunday afternoon and I have never seen him so relaxed, he will get a second session this weekend. I am so pleased I attended the course; it is the best money I have ever spent on clinics, etc" – J.D., NSW

– – –

"Equine Touch has opened up a whole new world with horses for me." – FW, VIC

– – –

"As a very much novice at ET,
I have already gained much
satisfaction that I can do
something to help my horse."

– – –

"Excellent instructor!" – JA VIC

– – –

"Level 2? Love it and want more!" – TJ, VIC


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