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Knowing about something and being able to present it in a way that another person “gets it” and the “light bulbs light up”, they share the idea, they understand the concept – it’s a rewarding moment.
It is even better when that person gets to a point where they make that new idea, concept or skill their own. When that idea is The Equine Touch™ and how to perform it I know that many more horses than I can reach with my own hands are going to benefit. That’s when I begin to get excited, and grateful. That is why I became an Equine Touch Instructor as well as being a Practitioner, so that day by day more horses will benefit from the newly acquired skills of my students and my students will be empowered to help their own horses and create a better quality of life for them.

I believe everything one does is building to something. Nothing one learns is ever “Lost” or a waste. The day I saw the advertisement for The Equine Touch™ course in a natural horsemanship magazine many threads of my life began to weave together: I said “That’s it! That’s what I want to do! I have to learn this!”

Growing up on a farm surrounded by animals and the hard work & pleasures involved in wresting a livelihood from the land, revelling in the communication challenges of travel, study & work overseas, becoming a high school teacher of Japanese, discovering a creative outlet in the study of photography… these are some of the threads of life experience now gathered together. Seeking life balance while working for a Japanese bank in “the corporate world” - that was a challenge met by making regular escapes to the Victorian high country for horse trekking and camping adventures over a period of 16 years. This was my way of maintaining a connection with nature & horses. Not sure how many miles/kilometers or hours in the saddle that adds up to but it earned no blue ribbons or buckles, just lots of satisfaction! Along the way, helping to take care of many customers on the rides, some novice riders, was always rewarding and interesting. And the scenery was breathtaking – Mt Howitt, Mt Magdalla, Mt Bogong, Mt Wellington…

Natural Horsemanship, an introduction to a different way of being with the horse, was the gateway back to activities with horses after a break.
Soon after I found my way to The Equine Touch™. I was delighted that this was something I could learn as a horse owner, with which I could take better care of my horses.

These days with my work as a Practitioner & Instructor of The Equine Touch™ and the new *VHT for Family & Friends (human bodywork) I have the joy of combining a teaching skill with a life-long passion, horses.

Janis Hobbs


*VHT is Jock Ruddock’s human bodywork, Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique, from which he developed The Equine Touch™.

Call to book on a course with me for Jock’s newly released VHT for Family & Friends course. It is available as a One Day course for students of The Equine Touch and as a Two Day course for those new to his work.



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